Edvantage unifies district-wide data systems to improve efficiencies, link global strategy to individual action, and continually monitor and guide district improvements.

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Data Analytics & Data Warehousing Is Our Only Business

The Only Complete End-to-End Solution

Edvantage provides everything required from the data model and loading processes to the dashboards and reports. This saves time compared to other solutions that may only supply a reporting tool or a data model.


Visual & Interactive Dashboard

Our highly visual and interactive dashboard is easy for anyone to use. Administrators can easily explore complex questions and make data-informed decisions that will enable them to improve student achievement and drive efficiencies.



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100% Successful (and Short) Implementations

Our implementation rate since 1998 has been 100% successful with 700+ school districts. Our proven methodologies result in rapid implementations of 3-9 months.


We Do Not Outsource Our Technology

Our entire solution is developed by our in-house professionals who are highly skilled in implementing and supporting successful data warehouse solutions.

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A Solution Built for All Educators

All educators can easily use Edvantage to access accurate information to help them gain new insights and improve programs, operations, and classroom learning. Customers find the Edvantage system to be vital to their day-to-day decision-making.


We Are Experts in Educational Analysis

Our expert education analysts design analytical systems used by schools, districts, state agencies, and research firms. Edvantage is designed around how educators use data.

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“The ability to drill down from schoolwide data to individual student data is a powerful supplement for instruction and school improvement.”

Tim Shell Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Waunakee School District

“The service and flexibility of Versifit as we implemented Edvantage has been outstanding. Their product and experience are taking our district to a new level of data use. The dashboards are visually-appealing and easy to navigate. The superintendent and principals have been amazed by their ability to easily track cohorts to measure the impact of their efforts and to use the Early Warning Indicators to identify students in need.”

Joseph O'Reilly, Ph.D. Executive Director for Student Achievement Support, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ

“The [data warehouse] has been wildly successful—above and beyond my expectations. School staff frequently comment that they love the easy access to student data.”

Deb Lindsey Director of Research & Assessment, Milwaukee Public Schools

“We were very impressed with the level of expertise by Versifit Technologies in the creation of the Data Warehouse, the display of information, specifically with SIS data, and look forward to expanding the capability shortly. The Versifit team brought up the basic application in a very short period of time and we were able to demonstrate the capability to all superintendents and Principals.”

Rodney S. Moriyama Assistant Superintendent, Department of Education, Hawaii

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Comprehensive Solutions Right Out of the Box

Edvantage delivers comprehensive solutions out of the box, but still allows customizations to meet your needs. Our data model allows most customers to map 100% of their required data, without any enhancements. Use our flexible tool sets to build, load, and manage your data warehouse.


You Get The Code

All of our customers get the data integration code so you can customize the solution as your needs change. This lets you add new data specific to your school district and integrate it seamlessly with Edvantage.

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Pre-Built Connectors Reduce Development Time and Costs

Edvantage includes pre-built connectors for most education systems. Our pre-built connectors decrease your setup time and streamline mapping source systems into the data warehouse.


Centralized Security

We leverage your existing security to transfer credentials and rights to the Edvantage system. Use your Student Information System, Active Directory, HR system, or our built-in security.



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Access to actionable data is significantly impacting students in California.  Want to learn more about how the Santa Clara County Office of Ed is using Edvantage to power decision-making and drive student achievement?

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