Q. Why does Edvantage work better than other solutions?

A. Edvantage removes the risks and costs for your school districts. It’s the most powerful, flexible, economic, and easy-to-use solution available for public education. With virtually thousands of hours invested by educators, this design is one of the most advanced analytical engines in education today. It’s engineered to outperform virtually every other commercially available solution.

Q. Will Edvantage accept data from any source?

A. Yes. It also offers flexible, automatic, error-free data collection and storage features.

Q. Can I easily perform query and reporting activities?

A. Yes. After the raw data has been extracted, it undergoes a series of complex transformations to convert it into a form readily understood and usable by district users to perform query and reporting activities without directly involving IT. Unlike many inflexible data warehouse solutions, each district has the flexibility to change the way existing data is transformed to meet their specific needs.

Q. How does Edvantage compare with other data warehouse solutions?

A. Data warehouse solutions significantly vary in the amount of latency, depth of reporting content, and reporting features and functionality. Many are only a data model or a reporting tool. Edvantage is the only solution that does it all. Edvantage is the only solution that provides the data model, connectors to your source systems, data quality processes, a dashboard tool, and an ad-hoc tool tailored to meet the needs of the educator sector.

Q. How many data elements does Edvantage track?

A. Edvantage has well over 5000 data elements across 50 data domains. Many solutions have 1000’s of data elements, but Edvantage is different. We cover the entire CEDS data model and twice as much more. We don’t look at education data being just about assessments, attendance, grades, and behavior. It is much more. We look at city agencies, area programs outside of schools, district and state surveys, and more.