How does Edvantage benefit you? Click each position to find out.

  1. District Admins
  2. Principals
  3. Teachers
  4. IT
  • District Admins

    District Administrators

    • View overall school achievements compared with state standards.
    • Have hundreds of the most common student reports at your disposal.
    • Use ad hoc analysis for quick, impromptu reports.
    • View district performance reviews.
    • Access information easily through any browser and mobile device, with no need for extra desktop software.
    • Drill down from high level aggregated data to specific student detail in 1-2 clicks.
    • Be totally confident all information is secure.
  • Principals


    • Initiate strategic, data-informed conversations with teachers, parents and students.
    • Disaggregate student and staff data to inform decisions and measure progress towards goals.
    • Benchmark the impact of programs and processes with multiple measures.
    • Identify and intervene with at-risk students using early-warning and on-track-to-graduation indicators.
    • Create and follow cohorts of students to ensure academic success.
  • Teachers


    • View full student information at a glance.
    • Monitor student performance (gaining, maintaining, or failing) to ensure academic success.
    • Set goals and track progress toward goals.
    • Measure program and process impacts.
    • Proactively address high risk students.
  • IT


    • Save implementation time using pre-built connectors to educational systems.
    • Save dashboard creation time by using pre-built and configurable content.
    • Ensure information security using built-in sophisticated security conforming to all privacy laws.
    • Grow easily with your agency’s expanding data needs.
    • Leverage existing security from AD, LDAP, and/or the SIS.
    • Monitor, manage, and improve data quality from centralized reporting and validation dashboards.
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Monitor At-Risk Students and Risk History

Quickly and easily identify which students are struggling and why

Proactively address high risk students

Edvantage’s early warning and on-track/off-track indicator system identifies students most at risk of dropping out or of not graduating on time. Our early warning dashboards (which are peer reviewed and researched) identify students and their underlying needs for quick review and intervention. With this early warning system, you can proactively intervene with individualized programming and instruction.

Break down trends

Determine what students can be put in programs. Break down trends of risk involvement including grades, attendance, percentage of kids that have discipline, and other risk factors. With that useful data, educators can make effective intervention recommendations.

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Ensure Students’ College
& Career Readiness

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Improve Postsecondary Outcomes

College & career readiness to improve education outcomes

Track deeper learning competencies like critical thinking and effective communication to prepare your students for graduation. Our suite of advanced data analysis tools puts your students on the path to lifelong success.

  • Track graduation rates
  • Reduce the number of student dropouts
  • Monitor high school credits scheduled, attempted, and earned
  • Review post-secondary enrollment of graduated students
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Common Core Component

Analyze student data to boost student success

With our Common Core component, teachers can easily analyze student data to see if they’re meeting common core standards from course work, grades, and test scores. It gives educators the freedom to quickly adapt learning planning to individual students’ needs, ensuring they’re ready to graduate.

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bullseyeKnow Your Programs’ Effectiveness

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Effective Education Program Management

Increase Process Effectiveness & Positive Results

You have started a new program to improve student achievement, but was it effective? Don’t guess. Know for sure with our Programs component. It lets you track a program’s’ ROI and understand the financial implications of your programs in relation to performance and membership.

  • Support decision-making concerning a program’s design, support, evaluation and research.
  • Better understand how programs, such as early childhood, are being utilized.
  • Know if and how those programs are impacting outcomes.
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Automated Data Quality

Fast and easy access to educational data.

Data quality is at the foundation of all district improvement; it is one of the single most important investments in success any district can make because complete data is necessary to make correct decisions. Lay a successful foundation with our Data Quality component.


Data Quality Error Detection

Edvantage’s web-based Data Quality Monitor lets schools see data errors so they can be corrected in the student information and the human resources systems record.


Data Matching

Multiple data systems mean multiple data fields that aren’t always consistent. The Edvantage Data Matching process ensures records from all your data sources connect regardless of field setup.


Track Your Schools’ Effectiveness

Data Quality KPI’s track schools’ effectiveness by making data quality corrections. Our Data Mart stores individual data element errors for future problem resolution.


Review Improvement Efforts

Users receive scheduled data quality reports to track improvement efforts, ensuring consistent review of your data quality.

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school-planningImprove School Planning

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School Planning

Facilitating School Improvement

To improve a school, educators need to look at perception, performance, demographics, and process data. Edvantage displays all this data on an easy-to-use dashboard, providing actionable data anytime.

Expert Solutions
When you partner with Versifit, you’re implementing more than a dashboard; You’re starting a partnership with our school consulting team that will help you meet your goals and ensure ongoing success. Our team has 75+ combined years of experience in data warehousing for K12 education, and another 20+ years of experience in business intelligence outside of education.

Our consulting services include:

  • Careful analysis of your needs and priorities.
  • Defining and establishing measures of success and identifying potential challenges.
  • Industry best practices for strategic planning and organizational design.

Our goal is to ensure you have a roadmap to long-term success with your Edvantage Data Warehouse.

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Financial System Data Integration

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Integrate and overlay existing financial systems to create cross-analysis for payroll, accounts, purchasing, expenditures, and staff details.

Consider the power of being able to analyze programs vs. costs:

  • What is the cost to improve the math scores of at-risk students struggling in math tutoring programs?
  • Do different, cheaper tutoring programs exist that would service those students better?
  • Can funds be reallocated to provide more services to these students?


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