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Do you have the right data to make the best decision for your school?

Edvantage tracks the right school performance indicators so you can make better decisions with real-time data.

Quickly and easily see all data across departments and schools, and correct potential problems before they affect student achievement.

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Edvantage Facilitates Real-Time, Data-Informed Decisions to Address Key Challenges

What could you do with advanced analytics? You could gain trustworthy insights to make meaningful educational improvements, including:

  • Improving a lack of student engagement
  • Supporting highly effective teachers
  • Measuring & maximizing the ROI of district programs
  • Maximizing the time of teachers & administrators
  • Preparing students for college & workplace readiness
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“The service and flexibility of Versifit as we implemented Edvantage has been outstanding. Their product and experience are taking our district to a new level of data use. The dashboards are visually-appealing and easy to navigate. The superintendent and principals have been amazed by their ability to easily track cohorts to measure the impact of their efforts and to use the Early Warning Indicators to identify students in need.”

Joseph O'Reilly, Ph.D. Executive Director for Student Achievement Support, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ

“The ability to drill down from schoolwide data to individual student data is a powerful support for instruction and school improvement.”

Tim Schell Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Waunakee Community School District

“The [data warehouse] has been wildly successful—above and beyond my expectations. School staff frequently comment that they love the easy access to student data.”

Deb Lindsey Director of Research & Assessment, Milwaukee Public Schools

“We were very impressed with the level of expertise by Versifit Technologies in the creation of the Data Warehouse, the display of information, specifically with SIS data, and look forward to expanding the capability shortly. The Versifit team brought up the basic application in a very short period of time and we were able to demonstrate the capability to all superintendents and Principals.”

Rodney S. Moriyama Assistant Superintendent, Department of Education, Hawaii

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See and Understand All Your Data In One Place

  • Satisfy compliance reporting requirements
  • Meet performance management needs
  • Fulfill educational research initiatives
  • Continuously improve operations
See All Your Data in One Place
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The Only All-in-One Education Data Dashboard Available

Edvantage is the only solution available for school districts that combines the ability to satisfy compliance reporting requirements, educational research initiatives, performance management needs, and operational continuous improvement initiatives…all in one tool.

Benefit from:

features More Features
tech Better Technology
performance Higher Performance
flexible More Flexibility for Less Cost

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